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client questionnaire 

Think of this form not as an application, but rather a "is my organization and Counsel a good match for each other?" type of questionnaire. It would be silly, and perhaps even arrogant of us to think that we can provide the same successful outcome and level of service to everybody. Counsel has a unique set of skills and abilities which pair extremely well with the needs of certain individuals and organizations. Being a small consultancy, we wish to work with those people with whom we can build a lasting, productive relationship that delivers consistent and tangible results. Based on this form, we'll be better prepared to talk with you, to understand how we can help you,  and to begin our professional working relationship. If this form is too long for you, feel free to use this shorter one. Or you can just book a meeting with us.

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Preferred Contact Method *
How would you rather be contacted?
In 1 or 2 sentences, how would you describe you company and what it does? More simply put, how would you pitch this to someone who has no idea who you are in 10 seconds or less.
What type of organization are you and in what domain do you operate?
Your organization or business' primary site.
Business Status
In the next 1-6 months, what do you wish to accomplish?
What do you wish to accomplish long-term, say a year from now? Where do you see your business going and how do you see it operating?
What is your monthly marketing/branding budget?
How much do you budget/spend each month for marketing/branding/content development and other related activities?
Current Financials
Only answer this question if you are comfortable (it is not required). We will use this to better understand your needs and ability to grow/scale.
Total Estimated Reach (Monthly)
This is usually a combination of your web, social, email analytics. Make an educated guess.
Which of the following actions/methods/tools do you utilize? *
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Self-Survey: *
Please answers as honestly as possible after taking a few moments to self-reflect on each question.
I am fully capable of managing the branding/marketing needs of my organization to ensure growth in the present and future.
I believe transparency and honesty are essential to a business relationship where the outside party directly affects the functions and operations of my business.
I like to be involved in all projects (big or small) and understand how something works and is being done.
I believe in my company's mission and ability to create and add value to the world and people.
We want to know who told you about us so we can thank them!